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Our site contains a constantly updated register of rental property. Click here to see our current list. In order to receive a regularly updated list of our available rental properties, please register with us – free - and we will contact you with details of new properties to suit your specified requirements as soon as we list them.

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Tenant Fees

A list of our fees and charges are listed - Click here.


The best advice as to the area in which you should live is “word of mouth”. Take advice from friends, family and colleagues about the areas they live in. Walk around the area that you would like to rent it in and see if you could be happy living there. If you see someone walking their dog, or gardening, why not ask them what the area is like. They have no vested interest and will give you a straight, honest answer. It is also worth investing in a map if you are not sure of the area. See how long it takes you to get to and from your place of work or education – especially in the rush hour.


At we are specialist lettings agents. We have over 60 years’ collective experience in the property lettings industry. We can point you in the right direction and give you honest advice about the selection of properties we have to rent.


We are happy to arrange and carry out viewings virtually 24/7. Evenings and weekend viewings are no problem. Take time during your viewings and endeavour to note those things that are important to you in a property. This will ensure that you will be entirely happy with your new property.


Before agreeing any tenancy, it is important to check the following:

That furnishings are clearly labeled to prove that they meet fire and smoke prevention standards required under the Fire and Furniture Regulations 1988.

That smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are fitted, and that there is a clear means of escape in case of a fire.

That there is a current CP12 Gas Safety Certificate (issued within the last 12 months) which confirms the safety of each gas appliance such as boilers, cookers and fires. This needs to be renewed every 12 months. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for all rental properties before any contract is issued. It remains valid for 10 years.

Your landlord may need to arrange access for a qualified plumber and other inspector to carry out such checks during your tenancy.


Tenants are responsible for arranging their own contents insurance to cover personal items and belongings. The landlord should provide cover for buildings, fixtures and fittings and their own contents. It is worth checking that this is in place.
You should ensure that your own furniture will fit into the rented property: you are not permitted to start removing windows or doors etc to gain access unless your landlord expressly consents – and there may be a cost in doing so. Consider putting all non-essential items in storage.

Contents and Condition Inventories

A written inventory should include everything the landlord has provided for the property. An inventory should include all items the landlord has supplied; carpets, furniture, curtains, kitchen items, electrical appliances etc. It should also state the condition of each item when you move in. You must check over the inventory, and sign to say you agree that everything on it is present and in the condition described. The landlord or letting agent must do the same. It is important you keep a copy safe, otherwise you will be liable for any damage or wear which is not your fault.

Defects or Problems with your Home

In general, the landlord responsibility includes looking after the structure of the property, the exterior (such as walls doors windows and roof) and the safety and provision of services and facilities such as gas, electricity and water. As a tenant, you must behave in a “tenant-like manner” – in other words your home should be kept clean at all times and in good order inside and out. You should report to your landlord or any breakages of malfunctions immediately, attend to minor maintenance matters such as replacing batteries in smoke alarms, keeping the place warm, free from damp and secure, and respect rules about pets, smoking etc. With regards to leaks, please ensure you notify the landlord or his agent immediately any problem occurs, otherwise you may be held liable for any un-reasonable damage to the structure furnishings or decoration. If damp or mould is detected, you must ensure the house is adequately vented by allowing windows and opening vents to be opened, and ensure adequate heating is maintained in the property. In reality any home will suffer from damp and mould if these simple guidelines are not maintained. Householders who do not open windows/vents and who do not maintain proper heating will inevitably result in their homes suffering these problems. Please note you will also cause excessive condensation in the house if you habitually dry clothing and bedding on radiators or by hanging internally. Again, you may be held responsible if damp and mould are assessed as being caused by these failures.
The rule should always be to notify your landlord or his agent of any defects immediately they occur so that they can be repaired quickly and before leading to other more expensive faults.
Your landlord or his letting agent will expect to be able to carry out periodic condition checks within the house to satisfy himself that the house is being properly cared for. You will be notified from time to time when this is to occur.
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